We’re not just about Sundays. We believe the everyday spaces of our lives belongs to Jesus: where we live, work, share and play. And so, the ordinary, mundane things we do every day have value, and we do them to the glory of God, for the good of others.



We are a tangible, visible expression of God's people, gathered in Christ and by the Spirit as sinners saved by grace, who meet together in community and go out, to love God, love each other, and love our city and our world.

We are a church of three loves


We want to be a church which loves God wholeheartedly, loves each other deeply, and loves our city and our world in a holistic way, in word and deed. We live for Jesus, in community, and on mission.

WE are a church in the city, for the city


We love our city and we want to do good for the city. This means we work hard at listening to and trying to understand the stories of the people of Sydney, so that we can show how the Jesus-story intersects with the everyday lives of people.

WE are a presbyterian church


We are a not a one-man show. We are led by elders, a team of godly men who shepherd the church under Jesus by leading, teaching, praying, and living a godly life in Christ, and deacons, a team of godly men and women, who serve the church in various ways, in particular the needy. We also know what we believe. We are a confessional church. The Westminster Confession of Faith articulates for us what we believe and how we read and understand the Bible. Finally, we are not on our own. We are part of a bigger network of churches called a ‘Presbytery’.