Redemption Hill began with a vision to see a new church which is all about Jesus every day. We wanted to see a church that's not just about Sundays. 

Have you ever felt like there is a disconnect between Jesus and the everyday realities of life? Have you ever wondered what difference Jesus makes to my work, study, relationships, hopes and dreams?

A man by the name of Abraham Kuyper once said, "In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, 'That is mine!'", and this is what we believe.

The Bible tells us that on the cross on the hill at calvary where Jesus died and when he rose again, He started something: the redemption of all things. And the risen Lord Jesus continues this same work today.

He starts with us.

Jesus moves into the everyday spaces of our lives: where we work, where we live, where we eat and where we play, the ground of our hearts, and he says about all of this, “Mine. It’s all mine”, but Jesus doesn’t stop here.  Jesus goes further, into our city, every part that is broken and needs to be put back together, every part that needs to be made new and whole again, and He says, "That's mine". 

And this changes everything. Because where there was a gap between the Jesus-part of our lives and the everything-else-part of our lives, there isn’t one anymore. Where there was a gap between what we did on Sundays and what we do during the week, there isn’t one anymore. Where there was a gap between what we do in private and what we do in public, there isn’t one anymore.

We wanted to see a church which saw everything, everyone, everywhere, through the lens of Jesus everyday.

And so, in 2016, we began gathering as a group of people who were excited to work out what it meant to be a church that is all about Jesus everyday. In particular, we wanted to find out what this would look like in Green Square, the fastest growing area in the city of Sydney, which over the next 15-20 years, will see 40,000 people move into the area.

Because when we say 'ministry', do we mean the people serving God inside the church building on Sundays, or are we also including the everyday people doing everyday things, outside of the church building, in service to Jesus and for the good of others, who are doing ministry too, just a different kind of ministry? 

Because when we say 'mission', do we mean the things super-spiritual Christians do in faraway places or the things ordinary Christians do, like you and me, who are used by God wherever they are, to witness to Jesus and serve others?

Because when we talk about 'training', do we only mean training for church things, so we can be more busy at church, or do we mean raising up ordinary Christians who are helped to see how the gospel shapes everything we do, and what the gospel means for the 95% of our lives we spend outside of church: how do I be a Christian accountant, banker, artist, lawyer, plumber, gardener, chef?

It's been so exciting to see all God has done so far and we can't wait to see God do again and again immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.  

At Redemption Hill, we want to see whole lives, the whole of Green Square, our city renewed in a holistic way: socially, culturally, physically, relationally, and spiritually, until Jesus’ song resound and his Name is heard and is being declared everywhere on earth.

Until we see everywhere communities of the gospel formed and people of the gospel, following Jesus in the everyday spaces, doing everyday things, becoming like a city on a hill, which screams loudly of Jesus. And all this for the praise of Jesus and until his glory fills the earth.  

Jesus every day. This is our story so far.

Is this something you want to be part of? Do you want to join Jesus in what He is doing in the world today?

All glory to Jesus.